Celebrate the Spending Season with a Handful of this Year’s Top Toy Trends

According to reports from the retail world, nationwide Christmas spending topped the $1 billion mark on December 23 alone last year. If that figure leaves you speechless, wait until you hear this: shoppers across the country are planning to ramp up their financial outlays this year. Whether you fall into the big spending category or prefer a more modest holiday season, a few interesting new items top the little ones’ latest must-have lists.

The Paw Patrol Phenomenon

Ryder and his team of pups are hitting physical and virtual storefronts across the globe to save kids’ Christmas mornings. Everything from their rescue racers to the Lookout itself is now available. This year, the Sea Patroller has been added to the mix just in time for the holidays, but as you’re probably well aware, you can’t buy one member of the collection without accessorizing.

FurReal Friends

Deep-seated longing for puppies and kittens is nothing new; of course, once the little ones realize just how much work is involved in pet ownership, the cuteness and cuddles quickly lose a great deal of charm. FurReal Friends arrived on the scene several years ago to offer a more suitable alternative.

While fluffy kitties, waddling puppies and an entire menagerie of other options are available, this season is bringing a couple more off-the-beaten-path choices to market. Kids enjoy the more realistic sounds and movements than traditional stuffed animals can provide, and you get to relish in their joy without having to clean up unexpected messes or face the drawn-out process of obtaining exotic animal permits.


This interesting situation is a relative newcomer to the toy sector, and it’s full of surprises. Plenty of different play sets are available, and even more animal friends are out there waiting to be made. Though their shells only hatch once, they’ve been known to provide hours of playtime fun.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has been a constant in a sea of fads since its initial launch all those years ago. The Switch is just the latest revamp in a long line of crowd-pleasers. It’s a home gaming console and a portable model all in one, and it’s making waves.

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